ETOS Test Runner Containers

Github: ETOS Test Runner Containers

This page describes the available test runner containers.

A test runner container is a docker image with the required tools and commands installed for executing your particular test recipe.

A typical test container is: “etos_python_test_runner” which comes with python pre-installed.

Available test runner containers

Base Test Runner

The base test runner maintained by the ETOS maintainers. This will include a system and python version that works with the ETOS Test Runner and will not take into account any other test runner container other than making sure that they work with ETOS Test Runner.

This means that whoever is responsible for a test runner container makes sure that all dependencies that are required exists within that test runner.

Versioning based on Debian distribution name.

  • Latest Debian
  • Latest python
  • Pyenv for installation and selection of python versions
  • ETOS Test Runner
  • eiffel-community/etos-base-test-runner:buster
  • eiffel-community/etos-base-test-runner:stretch

Python Test Runner

Maintainer: Maintainers

Latest Debian and installs python with pyenv

Versioning based on python (examples)

  • eiffel-community/etos-python-test-runner:2.7.16
  • eiffel-community/etos-python-test-runner:3.5.3
  • eiffel-community/etos-python-test-runner:3.7.3
  • eiffel-community/etos-python-test-runner:3.8.3

Go Test Runner

Maintainer: Maintainers

Latest Debian and installs Go.

Versioning based on Go (examples)

  • eiffel-community/etos-go-test-runner:1.12.6

Rust Test Runner

Maintainer: Maintainers

Latest Debian and installs Rust.

Versioning based on Rust (examples)

  • eiffel-community/etos-rust-test-runner:1.44.0